Friday, March 8, 2013

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assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh

Biographyany - we noticed many errors on our team to put together a biography that are here, whether it was a mistake in terms of language, placement of words, and others. but we all make every effort possible to make an accurate biography, therefore we always include a reliable reference

Our contact there, so you can all contribute in our blog memngembangkan berparsitipasi

If you need help, or questions about this blog "biographyany.blogspot.com" you can contact us.

please phrase your complaints to us, insha allah we will promptly respond to you.

enter criticism or suggestions to us, because it will facilitate us to fix it all

My name: muhammad sihabuddin
birthday : 30-03-1995
address: sawahan rt/rw 03/28,
addres II : nogotirto, gamping, sleman, yogyakarta 55292

contact us: msihab17@gmail.com
or emaile :msihab17@ymail.com

Wassalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh
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